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i turn graphics to very low it still lags

nem tudom


Ive seen this game and some videos of peaple playing it. But im worried beacuse when i downloaded it and clicked the file is said my computer was in danger. Can you tell me to make it run or not?

that is windows being stupid ,

use a vm to run the linux version!.

also pay attention in grade 1 english language arts .

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i have a problem: when i leave the game it doesnt save and i lose my progress.

my workers won't build

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Okay, I've been playing the game and built a whole building and all but for some reason the teachers wont teach! They just sit in the teacher's room and the student dont use the class. I set the classroom as a class but it still wont work. Any ideas?


Hi, i'm playing game, why doesn't rotate while i'm place some furniture in game? I already have problem for game.

I really like the game concept is there going to be mod support or anything soon?


We are not planning to add mod support. We are going to release one or few small updates in July.

the game does not even start downloading why?

Does it start downloading or just does nothing? After pressing Download your game will be dowloaded to choosen folder.

it does absolutely nothing.


why did you suddenly give it a price, yesterday it was free

he didn't... there may be a glitch just restart the browser

Please help! My game is really slow and the characters are people with only eyes and arms, no body!


It is propably caused by your old grahics card. You can try changing quality in the settings menu.

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I like the game! The only problem i have at the moment is, that i don't have any Chairs or tables for the students. Can you help me? Director's desk, plants, the lamp etc  do show up in the menu. I have the Mac version.

Thanx  :)

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Why does it only show the characters teeth, eyeballs, and glitched arms and legs? I'm spooked

Same for me! I think my PC  might be too crappy.

My PC might be crappy too, but I don't know.


After I download the game on my Macbook (Catelina), Safari gives me an error that Safari cannot open the game because there is no App available.

If I try to open it via finder, I just get an error said App School Simulator cannot be opened. I removed the security but it seemed to be another problem. Can you help me?

You actually need to unzip it with another unzipper, like the app The Unarchiver. Download it and unzip the file with that app and you should go through the typical security. This works on the latest version of Catalina as well as old ones, too!

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You have to get in the bed for your game to save.

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cant even play :(


how do u download

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I love this game. It is the perfect thing to mess around with after a long day of school.

I do have some questions: I notice the stats of the teachers, students, and builders. I know the stats of the builders affect how fast they build, but how do the stats of the students and teachers affect them?

P.S: Maybe you could add an option to have some slots for saves, so we can have multiple schools we have made?


i can't even get on

can someone help pls

How do you get more students and put them into different classes

My game didn't save 😭😭

It saves after you sleep at the end of each day. I found that out myself.

thank you so much, i love this game but it never saved

Hi, my teachers and students won't go into class even though I've already set classes up using the director desk. I tested it in the tutorial and they don't go to class there either. How can I solve this?

I watched GrayStillPlays' video about this game, he ended up somehow removing a classroom and they all went to class.

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i have a problem with unity dll fille

what do i do?

you need make this a mobile version plz that would be Soo cool. And you could put on mediafile or later you could put on Google play.


We thought about mobile version, but School Simulator is to big to play fluently on Android/iOS.


how do u download it


I am really interested in the idea behind this game. But it needs some determination and dedication from the devs to turn this idea into reality.

There is not a lot of content, but I understand this is still in the 'Pre-Alpha' phase. The devs are probably working hard on the next release, so it hopefully should come out soon.

How do I save a game?


Game saves automatically every morning.

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I'm struggling to understand the classes and lessons. I don't know what many of these symbols mean, and it's hard to remember what teachers do best with what subjects.

Also, it'd be nice if build mode didn't actually affect the passing of time. It's really frustrating taking a week and a half trying to build my school while I'm being yelled at about not running the school that shouldn't even be open yet.


I noticed your game on and I really like the look of it. Is it possible to make a YouTube video out of your game? I'd like to show your game to others. 

Have a nice day!

^ . ^

Sure, go ahead!

Thank you!

@Kimmy what's your YouTube channel called? :)

Here's a link for it:


How do I fix builders not building things?

I trap mine in a room until they finish the room, then add the doorway to let them go on to the next room. :D

What a very pleasant work environment you have adopted for you workers, keep it up.

Can you make making the schedule easier because it's annoying as heck

Leo's School Math And Stuff: Chapter 1, Coming: 11.11.2019

hi :) ,  I clicked sth and I did not accept any students.. now my school has 0 students and i dont know how to accept new students :(


You can take new students only at the beginning of each year. So you should wait for the next year or start a new game.

thank you, I started again and now my school has 45 students and everything is working fine.. I have one question however.. what should I do to build second level? I put the stairs etc but the builders are not going upstairs to build the floor

I don't know how your school looks like, but remember to have some space above stairs. Maybe ceiling is just to close to stairs.

How do i save my game?



Game saves automatically every morning.

I took this advice, but I had to start a new game. I spent 3 hours on my school and the load thing won’t work. The only thing I can press is tutorial and new game.

I am SO sorry, that sucks! You have to sleep at night for the game to save.

There should be a 1aHomeroom, a 1b Homeroom, a Biology, and a Physics, but theres none of those!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't reproduce that bug. Could you please send us your game save data? You can remove a class by right clicking at one of its floor -> "Remove Class"

Also sorry for very late answer.

how do i delete a class zone? i cant make my lesson plan because when i go into classes it says there are only some class zones. Like, for example, I have 5 classrooms, Class1, Class2, Class3, Class4, and Class5. When I try to create my lesson plans to use that classroom, it only shows Class1 and Class4. Please help!

1. Right click the floor of a classroom to remove it.

2. Try to remove the classrooms and then designate them again.

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It's hard to tell. Could you please send us your game save data or screenshot?

how do i do that?

Get file from C:\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\LocalLow\DandeStudios\School Simulator\Saves

and send us:


um so i make a worker room and all of the workers go to the wall of the room?


Remember to have a little space behind chairs. Maybe that will help.

I am also wondering how to edit class sizes. I currently have a class size of 5/15 and it’s very weird so i’d like to change it to merge with another class

Currently there is no option for changing class size limit or merging. Sorry.

Hi, I was wondering what week competitions start how they work. I am running extremely low on funds and I heard competitions bring in a lot of money.


Competitions starts each winter. It will be marked in calendar. Competitions are splitted into 3 stages: City, Country and World. After winning one stage you are qualified to the next one. Your best student will go automatically for each competition.

Prices for 1 place: 

City: 5000$

Country: 10000$

World: 15000$

Sorry for late answer.

Will you get any prizes if you get a place and continue to the next stage?

Yes you will get some money for each stage even if your student is below 1st place.

Im on chrome how do i download the game. I tried all of the download files, none of them worked.

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Our game is working on Windows, Linux and MacOs. If you mean chrome OS by saying "chrome" it will not work, sorry :/

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Hi!  The game is really great so far, I'm enjoying what you've done.  I have a few questions/suggestions, though:

First: I encountered a bug where I slept on the first Friday of the game and then slept all the way to the following Thursday.  When I quit, my progress was gone :(

1) Any plans to add more furniture and objects?

2) Can you make an easy way to copy/paste the lesson plans?  It's so tedious planning each day at the moment.

3) Can you add the clock to the screen so we don't have to access it by looking at the menu each time?

4) Any plans to implement a cafeteria or playground equipement?

5) Please give an option to speed the game up!  In general, it would be nice to have UI on the bottom of the screen in live mode to speed, slow down, pause and see what time it is (and maybe some other stats, like what classes are running at the moment).

6) Right now I've just put breaks in between classes, but it would be nice to schedule things like "lunch" or "recess" or "free period."

Thanks so much in advance!


We know there are some bugs with saving and we are fixing some of them in every update, that's why game is still is Pre-Alpha. Sorry for your lost save data :/

1) Yes, for sure we will add some new furnitures in the future.

2) We know that setting up lessons it quite tedious and we are thinking how to improve that. Maybe we will add copy/paste.

3) We have plans to add some new UI elements (also clock) in the 0.5.1 Update.

4) Currently no plans for that.

5) Speed time option will be available only in the build mode (as it is now). We want to add pause in the future updates.

6) You can schedule "free period" be not assigning any lesson. Then studens will go the the rest rooms, use vending machines etc.

Have a great day!

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