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Where is my collections?

Click on the arrow next to your account name and go to library.

Hi, somehow this board stuck in my screen. I went to the build menu click on other board, but this one still not disappear.

I waited until the next day and it still there.

The only solution so far is to quit the game and open it again. I hope that you can fix this issue. In general, it is a nice game though.


Thank you! It will be fixed in the next update.

i cannot find a way to set up schedule plzz help!

Go to build mode(press B) and build Director desk. Then go back to first person mode and click on lesson plan on that desk.

also the students dont sit in the scheduled classes is it bug or i'm wrong?

It may be a bug(game is still Pre-Alpha) but I can't reproduce it. Make sure you set lessons for proper class(look at left top corner of lesson plan) and for proper hours, check that they have desks with chairs. Please let us know if it works or not.

yes i did i also hired teachers regarding this issue but it dose'nt work

Interesting, if you have some free time could you please send us your game save data on our email?

Our email:

Game saves are located at: C:\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\LocalLow\DandeStudios\School Simulator\Saves

Hello! After I initially built the school I got the message from the minister but I think I told him I didn't want any students. It's been over a week in game. Any idea if he'll message me again or do I have to rebuild?


Currently you can take students at the start of school year, so you can wait for next year(16 weeks) oraz just start a new game.

I'm having trouble with mouse movement as in it doesn't work. In full screen and in windowed my mouse moves behind the game not in it. I can move my mouse to my second monitor freely. I can't turn, or click on the sleep button to save the game. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I even plugged in a controller and still couldn't turn the character or sleep/save the game. Please help.

Thank you for letting us know! Bug has been spotted and will be fixed in the next update.

I partially want to ask the same as what the guy is asking below, how do I get the government income, I've made a students rest room, staff restroom, workers restroom, several bathrooms and of course classrooms, having a full schedule. I assume it's once monthly but wanted to check.

Secondly, how do I get more students, (if at all possible and/or sort them into different classes.)

Many thanks, you've done a great job on this far, I've really been enjoying it!

So, as we wrote below you receives money from government after 4 weeks. You can get more students after every year (4 seasons / 16 weeks). We really appreciate that you like our game :)

Ah, that's wonderfully helpful! Thank you very much for the response. I can't wait till I can seperate the history and biology classroom, haha. 

I have a question - I built my school, set a schedule, have students and teachers, but my income is still only from my vending machines. Am I missing something? Thank! It's a really good, and unique game otherwise.


Currently beside earnings from vending machines you can get some money from the government. They gives you some after each season (4 weeks) for each student. We are really happy that you liked our game. In few days will deploy an update, so stay tuned :)

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On the bottom right corner you have a bomb icon. Just click it, and after that you will be in destroy mode so you can destroy whatever you want.

k thx

Are comments here the only way to keep you updated with feedback in order to contribute to development, or is there a way to do that automatically?


Currently comments are the only way to communicate with us, but we are thinking about more options.

It's so slow to build.Haven't I waited enough?

It takes only few seconds to build an object. If your builders are not going to build an object make sure that they can go to that object(nothing is blocking them).


How do I run this game..... I need help and instructions please

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First you have to download and unpack downloaded file. Then just run the game by double clicking on School Simulator.exe

Enjoy :)

what do you mean exactly? Sorry this is my first time downloading something

First you have to press 'Download' button on the game site. Then press right mouse button on the downloaded file and press extract. After that find a folder named the same as file that you just downloaded so it will be something like 'School Simulator Pre-Alpha 0.4' (it depends on the version that you downloaded), open it and find file 'School Simulator'. Open it by double clicking and press play. I hope that it will help you :)

When are you going to plan a Sandbox Mode?

Also, I'm a little creep out about their faces, I don't know why but there's something about it that scares me hahahahaha Nice game Though


What do mean by sandbox mode?

Sandbox mode is cheat Mode, INfinate cash, etc.


Currently we do not have such plans, but it may change in the future.

Hey, I built a classroom, But there aren't any students in it, Even though I did send that list of students to the minister! 


Students will appear next day since you sent list to the minister. Next you have to place Director desk, where you can setup lesson plan for each class.

Ok Thanks! By the way, great game and keep it up!👌👌

How do you save game? and i have a worker in my area but shes not working. how do i fix that?


Game saves automatically every morning at 8:00AM. Make sure you have built stairs so worker can walk onto a floor.

ui is empty when trying to hire folks theres no label as to what position im hireing in.


Could you tell us what screen resolution you have?

how do i earn money? i cant continue building my school because i'm out of money...


You can earn money from government, they will give you some money for each student. You can also earn some from vending machines.

nvm i figured out and btw awsome game:D

when i hire workers they dosent arive  if its not a bug what do i do wrong and how long time does it take for them to arive?


Cool game and all, but where are the AR-15's?

what is your update plan


In 0.3.x versions we are focusing on rebuilding entirely the tablet interface and add few new categories to it. We would like also to organise general school management, and of course fix some bugs.

what is your update plan?


Our main goals in 0.2.x versions is to improve NPCs behaviours, new rooms and furnitures and general improvements in game mechanics.

what is the next update going to be?


We will add needs for NPCs like hunger and thirst, new funiture to buy food and drinks, ability to speed-up time and also fix some bugs.

When will the next update come out?


Next update will be released on Sunday.

What is your next update plan

Our plan  is to release Pre-Alpha 0.2 probably in the next week.

We are aiming to finish and fix basics of build and destroy modes and smaller changes.

why is 1.6 taking so long?


This update is bigger than last one, and except that we have started our real school year, so we have less time :)


hey got favor could you make a game for me plz

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Currently we are working on the School Simulator, but you can easily learn how to make games from the internet.

I so you do this on unity wow it must be hard 

Unity is a great engine, you can learn almost everything from the internet, so it's actually not that hard :)

When are you going to released 1.6. and got a question it's just you doing the game developing or someone else?

Next version is planned to release around 19.10. Our team contain 2 people: 1 programmer and 1 artist.

What is your next update plan???

We are aiming to rebuild and fix destrution system in build mode. It's planned to release around 19.10.

Hey one quick fix the door frame don't work


It work but differently than before. Now you must to press on already builded walls.

When is 1.5 coming out????


Next update should be released in next few days.

how do a roof on classrooms?????

You have to create a class room, then roof will automatically appear.


Monday or tuesday.

Fix the school bus cuz you can go inside of it 

Thanks for the feedback, we missed that. Should be fixed in the next version.

When is the next update?

We are planning to release next update in this week.

I can't wait I love this game so much it's so fun that

Thanks for support!

This game is currently on early developement state, so it can only be better.

Can you but a delete button.

Delete button should work in the next few weeks. We have it currently in our plans.

The next update should be add parking lot for the teachers 

They currently even don't have cars, so it's quite a lot of time to do that. We are not focusing on this aspect now.

What is your next update plan

We still need to fix walls corners in some scenarios. Except that we want to create better house and main menu. After that we want to add more rooms for NPCs like rest rooms.

is this for 1.5

Yes, except rooms for NPCs.

Do a update please.....


Just wait until the weekend, bigger update is comming!

this weekend

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Yup, this weekend. Today or tommorow new update will appear.

ok sweet. do have a Twitter or Instagram?

No, we have only a Youtube channel:

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