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Have you ever wanted to be a school director?

Now you can!


School Simulator is a singleplayer 3D simulation game where you are playing as a school director. You can build your own school, hire personnel, create lesson schedule and much more!


  • WASD + Mouse - Movement
  • B - Build mode
  • Q/E - Rotate objects in build mode
  • ESC - Show/Hide tablet | Cancel building in build mode
  • LMB move furniture

How to play

First you must to create a new map. Choose world size, number of trees and how much grass you want. Then click CREATE NEW WORLD!

Then you should build a foundations with stairs, so bouilders could go to build a floor.

Next press ESC and hire some builders and wait fot them to arrive. When floor is complete, start building walls, then you can place some furnitures inside.

After that you have to set class inside that room.

Now it's great time to setup lesson schedule. You can do that by clicking on the director's desk.


  1. Download game
  2. Unzip it
  3. Play!

This game is in pre-alpha state so... be careful when playing. There might be some bugs 


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School Simulator Pre-Alpha 0.3.2.zip 49 MB

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what is your update plan


In 0.3.x versions we are focusing on rebuilding entirely the tablet interface and add few new categories to it. We would like also to organise general school management, and of course fix some bugs.

what is your update plan?


Our main goals in 0.2.x versions is to improve NPCs behaviours, new rooms and furnitures and general improvements in game mechanics.

what is the next update going to be?


We will add needs for NPCs like hunger and thirst, new funiture to buy food and drinks, ability to speed-up time and also fix some bugs.

When will the next update come out?


Next update will be released on Sunday.

What is your next update plan

Our plan  is to release Pre-Alpha 0.2 probably in the next week.

We are aiming to finish and fix basics of build and destroy modes and smaller changes.

why is 1.6 taking so long?


This update is bigger than last one, and except that we have started our real school year, so we have less time :)


hey got favor could you make a game for me plz

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Currently we are working on the School Simulator, but you can easily learn how to make games from the internet.

I so you do this on unity wow it must be hard 

Unity is a great engine, you can learn almost everything from the internet, so it's actually not that hard :)

When are you going to released 1.6. and got a question it's just you doing the game developing or someone else?

Next version is planned to release around 19.10. Our team contain 2 people: 1 programmer and 1 artist.

What is your next update plan???

We are aiming to rebuild and fix destrution system in build mode. It's planned to release around 19.10.

Hey one quick fix the door frame don't work


It work but differently than before. Now you must to press on already builded walls.

When is 1.5 coming out????


Next update should be released in next few days.

how do a roof on classrooms?????

You have to create a class room, then roof will automatically appear.


Monday or tuesday.

Fix the school bus cuz you can go inside of it 

Thanks for the feedback, we missed that. Should be fixed in the next version.

When is the next update?

We are planning to release next update in this week.

I can't wait I love this game so much it's so fun that

Thanks for support!

This game is currently on early developement state, so it can only be better.

Can you but a delete button.

Delete button should work in the next few weeks. We have it currently in our plans.

The next update should be add parking lot for the teachers 

They currently even don't have cars, so it's quite a lot of time to do that. We are not focusing on this aspect now.

What is your next update plan

We still need to fix walls corners in some scenarios. Except that we want to create better house and main menu. After that we want to add more rooms for NPCs like rest rooms.

is this for 1.5

Yes, except rooms for NPCs.

Do a update please.....


Just wait until the weekend, bigger update is comming!

this weekend

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Yup, this weekend. Today or tommorow new update will appear.

ok sweet. do have a Twitter or Instagram?

No, we have only a Youtube channel: