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nevermind, i found it

i cant delete things i built, please help. my students are locket out of the building.

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good. They deserve to be locked out

ples fix

i am on pc and thare is no delet buten


When you are in BuildMode click the bomb icon in the bottom right corner, then press LMB on a object that you want to destroy.

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my game isn't saving. it makes me start a new game everytime i start it.


Game saves every morning (moment after waking up). It is shown by the text "Saving game...". After that you can safely load your game save by clicking the "Load" button in main menu.

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bro just delete it and redownload it i did ad it worked


Well I have 6 teachers (I could've done better) for the one class (1A) I got. 20k per week. No new student ministery thing popping up in the messages, I will bankrupt before the new generation comes :P
Make it possible to take new students mid-year or quarterly (tho I didn't even reach the end of the spring so you might have done so)


Yes, we know that we have some money balance issues. We are trying to improve that each update. So you can expect some small changes in the next one. Sorry for that :/


No problem. I love the game anyway.
Tho I want to ask in which time/date do you receive new students (via mail from ministry)

You can get some new students every year in 1 spring.


this might be stupid but i put a wall and its just there floating idk how to delete it...anyone?


To destroy object to need to enter the destruction mode by clicking the bomb icon in the bottom right corner. When you enable it just click at object that you want to destroy.

my game dosent save even when i sleep. PLEASE HELP!!!


Game saves every morning after waking up. You can see text "Saving game..." in the top left corner.

but it dosent

What do you mean by "it doesn't"? After seeing "Saving game..." your game data is saved to disk C on your PC. To load that just press the "Load" button in main menu, and everything will work fine.

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Yes, we know that many people are struggling with game mechanics in their first playthrough. That's why we are currently working on in game tutorial that should be finished next week. If you want to make sure that your game is saved, look at top left corner for "Saving game...". When that text disappears it means your game is saved.

Thank you. Will re-download after implementation. <3

Wait you didn't have a tutorial?

How do you save your game? Or does it autosave?

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Game saves automatically every morning.

The construction workers are creepy  for 64bit. Win.. They have floating heads with creepy faces and there bodies are not right please fix. (Email


If you have integrated graphics card Intel HD3000, it's a bug and we and trying to fix it. If you have different graphics card model please tell us.

Is there any way to make a 2nd floor or place the roof? Can't seem to figure out how.

Yes, you can change current floor by clicking arrows in the bottom left corner or by PageUp/PageDown.

How do i make money? im making a bit with vending machines, but im not sure how to make more. I've got students, teachers, and builders and a whole school.

There are few ways to earn some money:

- From vending machines.

-After each season (4 weeks) the ministry of education will give your some money for each student.

-From competitions.

Hello! My teachers are always outside when my students are in the correct classroom.. HOW DO I FIX IT :(

It is hard to tell without screenshot or save data. Make sure you placed a "Teacher desk" with chair.

Hello, how do i delete or sell furniture i can’t get rid of it😬

When you are in BuildMode click the bomb icon in the bottom right corner, then press LMB to destroy furniture.

hey , I cant seem to get builders to work? am I doing something wrong


Make sure that they can find a route to the target object. Maybe you didn't built stairs?

How do I unzip it SOMEONE HELP

Press RMB on downloaded .zip file and choose "Extract all". Then find and open "School Simulator.exe" in the extracted folder. Enjoy :)

How do I play there is no option to play


I have a question:This game(School Simulator) is totaly free and full game?

Thank you!

Yes. School Simulator is totally free, but still in Pre-Alpha state.

Cum adică in stare pre-alfa?


so I tried to download this app, but it keeps saying "error" and "removed" if I try to show in folder. Any explanation?


We do not understand exacly what your problem is. Is the folder empty after unpacking the downloaded game? What is your OS?


I have a Windows 10 computer and 7-Zip. I can't even unpack the game, though.

Every .zip file has been tested and works. Just press RMB on downloaded .zip file and choose "Extract all". Then find and open "School Simulator.exe" in the extracted folder.

This game is really cool but i wish there was some kind of undo button, or a mass delete.



We have both these things in our plan, and it should be done in the few weeks. We are glad that you like it :)

Hello! I have a problem. I have built my school with classes, rest rooms etc. I have hired teachers and I dont know how to reqruit students. I have director desk too and i have prepared a timetable. Whats wrong? Did i do something wrong?


You must to go to your tablet -> Messages, and answer to the message from the Ministry.

Oh I didnt noticed that! Thank you so much! Also how can I have new students? New students come every spring?

Yes. Currently you can take new students only at the start of each school year, so you have to wait for the next year(16 weeks).

Thank you very much!! Also thank you for the game and keep up the good work! :)

Thank you, enjoy :)

Hi, if you need to translate the game I can do it in Spanish, I don't charge anything. Just contact me at

Hi, currently we are not interested, but thank you for asking :)

Hello, how are you? I have a problem trying to turn around to look around. It only rotates about 230 degrees, I have to pause to see the other 130 degrees.

It's on linux

Hello, do you have problem with First person camera or Build mode camera?

It is only in the first person

We are trying to recreate that, but we can't. Could you please clarify, because as we understand you can not do 360 degree spin in first person mode?

Of course, it's like turning the head in the real world but only the head, not the body.

Maybe it's because the mouse "stays" on the screen and goes from left to right.

I’m gan a get this game

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I don't understand. My students are always in class but my teachers are always outside. Why?

Propably you should create "Teacher desk" with chair for them.

I did that from the start, thats why im asking that

It looks like a bug. We will try to fix that in the next update. For now maybe moving teacher desk slightly further from walls will help.


It's been quit long since you asked, but we propably found it. In the game AI works fine. As we can see on your picture, "Standing lamp" is blocking your teacher from going to his desk. So move the lamp somewhere else and everything should work fine :)

How do we save the game? Is it possible to make the time pass faster?


Game is saving automatically at every morning. Currently the only way to speed up time is to go to the build mode and press the speed up button.

Thank you!



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Our game is about creating and directing your own school to become the best in the world.


Hello? Answer Guy Person?


What is this game about

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I cant play the game it keeps saying there is no playerddl even though playerddl is there


We just reuploaded both Windows versions. Download it and unzip to a folder with a different name.

Hi there! @dandestudios I really love this game but I can't fully enjoy it because all of the builders, teachers and students are not loading properly. They are just eyes and lines floating around. I'm playing the Win 64bit version on a Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit. I've tried the Win 32bit version of this game but the same issue happens.


Can you tell us what graphics card you have?

Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000. By the way, it's a laptop.

Thanks for that. It should be fixed in the next update.

I downloaded the latest version for Win 64bit. So far, only the hats of the construction workers are showing. It's like there's a mesh or two missing. I tried different graphic settings but this did not solve the issue.

We will try to fix that in few other ways in the new update. Thanks for telling about that.


i saw your game while browsing for a game to play for youtube and i was wondering if i can link the video here once i am done? i am fine if not i just wanna ask because i do not wanna just assume if i can (even if i cannot i am still gonna record it cause this looks like a fun game lol)


Sure, you can link your video here. Thanks for playing!

okay awesome thanks for the quick reply. i will get it out as soon as i can 


this is the worst game ever on

becuase i cant remove my buildings 0.1/10 piece of ass


You can remove any object that you have built. In the bottom right corner you have a bomb icon. Click on it and select object that you want to remove.

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add shit so i can remove my wall

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as I wrote above, you can remove any object you want.

Seems like @Dane Studios  wish there are 2 Wednesdays in a week :D

Oh, we will fix that, thanks :)

I've added 42 students but they're all in 1A, how can I move them to another class?

Currently you can't move students to different class. I don't know how did you got 42 in one class, because there is a limit - 15 students per one class. Are you sure that you have 42 of them in 1A?

hey is this game compatible with 32-bit operating system?

Currently not, but next update will be.

when I go to pick a teacher for the lesson it doesn't load any even though I have heaps hired!


In current version you can choose teachers only when they are "Spawned" (they exist as 3D character, walking, etc.) in the world, so make make sure that they are. They will appear next morning after hiring.

Hello, will this game ever be available for Mac os x users?

We don't have MacOS, so we didn't make our game for that system, but next update will be available either for MacOS and Linux.

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